Fashion trend among Millennials
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Fashion trend among Millennials

So here are a few things that caught my attention recently. Jewelry trends come and go, and every generation has its fashion quirks. Millennials, for fairly obvious reasons, tend to shy away from the "dripping with diamonds" look, and instead choose simple and understated styles. That's not to say, however, that they don't also like to stand out now and then. Because this generation is fiercely critical of norms and traditions, they question some of the very foundational standards of beauty, such as the notion of symmetry. All this is to say, I've been seeing a lot of mismatched earrings, and it's the best fashion trend I've ever seen.

Some people might feel a twinge of anxiety at such base lawlessness, but keep in mind I don't necessarily mean just a randomly thrown together set of whatever you have laying around. A purposefully selected mismatch is not only eye catching, it's question inducing. They can represent duality or just two things you happen to love. It's intriguing to see someone take fashion into their own hands, and you might find yourself in a few fun conversations as a result. Bonus points if you've upcycled everyday items into a custom piece no one else has.

Large vs. small, red vs. blue, silver vs. gold, anything from an upcycled belt buckle to a piece of custom jewelry can hang from your ears. Self style and creativity have no boundaries, so go crazy, innovate, have fun and push the envelope.

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