Jewelry for men can strike a powerful image
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Jewelry for men can strike a powerful image

Men's jewelry has really been stepping up its game lately. Lately, custom made jewelry has become all the rage, and if you hadn't already, you might consider that your man might like a little shiny metal to wear. Jewelry for men can strike a powerful image, and these four new trends represent how truly manly jewelry can be.

The Medieval Motif Ring

A signet or tiny coat of arms set atop a beautifully scrolled band creates an elegant piece and signifies a deep connection to the past. A yellow gold signet on a white gold band is especially striking. The key here is intricacy and clean lines. Consider acid etching to deepen the impression.

Industrial Design

The old motorcycle chain bracelet has always been around, but lately it's taken on a slightly classier aspect. Smooth and glossy tungsten links with white gold pins create a thick, masculine bracelet with powerful coloring and some serious heft to it. Also in this category is the bejeweled clockwork ring. Often passed off as steampunk, this is just some random assortment of watch part glued together. This one has the look of the inner workings of a precision timepiece, with gemstones fit seamlessly into it.


Or Mokume Gane. This design took me completely by surprise. Mokume is a Japanese metalworking style in which multiple metals are forged together in much the same way Damascus steel is produced. The process creates a laminate pattern that resembles a wood grain. As with the medieval ring, acid etching deepens the impression. These rings make a perfect custom piece and really stand out as a wedding ring.

Raw Metal Ring

Not raw as in straight up ore, but what you want is something that creates the impression of nuggets of copper, silver or gold set into a band of smooth metal. This design makes a statement. Your man is both raw and refined.
Remember this. When buying custom jewelry, you want your jewelry like your man: clean, precise, raw, and powerful. Happy shopping.

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