Ring in the New Year with Classic Jewelry Design
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Ring in the New Year with Classic Jewelry Design

Just because the holiday season is officially over, doesnít mean the gift giving has to end.

Let the special lady who brings sparkle and shine into your life know how much she means to you by giving a little sparkle and shine back!

Birthstone Bliss

Giving birthstones are not just for birthdays. After all, we continue to check our horoscopes even when the sun isnít in our house. You can even get creative and give mom a necklace or pendant with the birthstone of each of her children inlaid. What better way to appreciate someone than to give a unique gift that reminds her of everyone in her life she does so much for?

Jazz Age Glamour

Nothing says Happy New Year like the spirit of the Jazz Age, and thereís not a better way to imbue your new year with that spirit than with a piece of jewelry that owes a little to Art Deco design principles. A shape at once bold but refined is sure to bring a smile to your special ladyís face and compliments on the uniqueness and beauty of this special gift for decades to come.

Mid-Century Modern Madness

Speaking of decades past, a little Mid-Century Modern flair never goes out of style. Think starbursts, atomic shapes, and elegant flower lapel pins in gold. Your local jeweler will be happy to help you polish up that family heirloom and perhaps even inlay a precious stone.

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