September Sapphires
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September Sapphires

Those lucky enough to be born in September have the magnificent sapphire as their birthstone. Folklore has it that this most valuable gemstone, to which all other blue stones are compared, will protect loved ones from envy and harm. This probably stems from the Middle Ages, when clergy wore them to symbolize heaven and commoners came to associate them with heavenly blessings.

Praised for its constancy and durability, the Sapphire’s hardness is exceeded only by that of the diamond. It is no wonder then why the gemstone has come to symbolize nobility, sincerity, devotion, faithfulness and truth, with unfailing popularity among many cultures.

Sapphire comes from the Greek Sappheiros, and was used then and since by kings and queens to protect their rule. St. Edward’s sapphire, a gem once part of King Edward the Confessor’s ring is now the oldest gem in the British crown jewels. It is currently set in the Queen of England’s Imperial State Crown which is used at the opening of Parliament. The only other sapphire found from the Anglo-Saxon era is set in an unique gold ring housed in the Yorkshire Museum which likely belonged to Anglo Saxon or Viking royalty. Britain’s Prince Charles also gave a blue sapphire engagement ring to Lady Diana Spencer in 1981. After her death in 1997, this ring was given by Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2010. They have continued to be one of the most popular engagement stones since.

Sapphires can be created synthetically, or can crystallize as a result of pressure and heat at great depths. A jeweler can tell which is which. The presence of other elements like iron and chrome are responsible for the coloring. Although sapphires are typically thought of as blue, they are available in a variety of colors. One such is the padparadscha, or “lotus flower” which is orangey-pink, a color traditionally linked with Sri Lanka.

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