The Gold and Silver
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The Gold and Silver

Belle of the Ball

Gone are the days of an entire season of coming out parties and anniversary balls; however, the wit, charm, and style of the Southern belle remains, and for the occasional soiree, the modern Southern woman needs a collection of pieces with contemporary flair and old world charm.

Rubies All the Rage for Fall

Rubies are no longer just for those born in July; gemstones are at once soulful and earthy, while also elegant, especially when set in a dainty halo or teardrop of diamonds--not to mention that its hue is strikingly similar to one that comes to mind when we think of one of our favorite Southern Belles, Scarlett.

The Smart Set

Just because the modern woman is in workwear more than ballgowns, doesn’t mean she must forego the modern elegance of the modest diamond set for every day. Not to mention that a simple set of diamond earrings and pendant transitions beautifully from day to night.

Form Meets Function

The modern woman has people to meet and places to go, but she doesn’t want to have to pull out her phone merely to check the time. She also never wants to sacrifice elegance, which is where the modern watch with a slim band and diamond framed face comes in. Not to mention a beautiful watch makes an excellent gift to commemorate an important moment in the life of a loved one.

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