The eight types of engagement rings
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The eight types of engagement rings

Shopping for an engagement ring is a confusing endeavor. Cut, Color, Clarity... that other C. It seems like they're always adding new criteria to what makes a good diamond. As if it weren't hard enough to learn the difference between I1, SI1, and VVS1 or 2, they come in an ever expanding array of shapes. Those shapes though, are one of the most important decisions you need to make about a diamond engagement ring, possibly more so than color and clarity. Here are the six of most common diamond shapes.


A genuine classic. The round cut is perfect for the traditionalist, or for those who value simplicity and sophistication.

Ruby wedding rings white gold

Dazzling diamonds and rubies in an elegant white gold setting

Brand : Platinum and Gold


Pear cut diamonds find their strength in versatility. Their elongated shape perfectly accentuates a long finger, while the rounded edges remain accessible to the vertically challenged.


The heart is a fun and trendy way to pop the question. Her heart will be all yours.


This cut is all about the sparkle. It's designed to maximize the facets to keep light bouncing around inside.

Rose gold princess cut engagement rings

Brand : Platinum and Gold


Another one for those with long and narrow fingers, except the marquis makes no concession or apologies.

Marquise cut wedding ring

Marquis cut engagement/wedding ring set.

Brand : Platinum and Gold


The emerald is powerful and attention grabbing. It has fewer corners to hide inclusions, so it works best with a higher clarity diamond.
Choosing the right diamond cut can be tricky, especially for an engagement ring, as the diamond takes center stage. With just a little knowledge on your side, you'll be sure to pick just the right one.

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