What is hot in this holiday season
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What is hot in this holiday season

Christmas is right around the corner. If you still donít know what to get your beloved, jewelry will create a wearable memory for any woman in your life.
Here are a few tips for what gifts are in this holiday season and will hold up for years to come.

Personalized jewelry
What do you get the woman who has everything? Something personal.
A personalized, custom gift is as thoughtful as it is classic. Personalized jewelry can be as simple as a monogramed ring or engraved bracelet. Or it can be as complex as a custom-designed ring. Choose the item that best suits her.

Rose gold jewelry
Fashionistas are pointing to rose gold as the newest old trend to resurface this holiday season.
Sitting between the warm yellow of gold and the cold white of silver, rose gold harkens back to a time of opulence.
The metal made its first appearance is the Roaring Ď20s in Cartier and Faberge. It saw a resurgence earlier this year and will likely be more than a fad because the subtle pink hues are as timeless as they are feminine.

Chokers and layered necklaces
Whatís old is new again as chokers are reappearing along with other trends from the 1990s. Fashion-forward ladies are donning chokers, both alone and layered with longer chains.
Layering necklaces is coming in vogue with celebrities and itís an easy, affordable fashion option for most. Pre-layered necklaces are available, but itís just as easy and more impressive to buy a few simple items for her this Christmas season.

Christmas is the perfect occasion to give the gift of time. A watch is a classic gift that can last for decades. They come in as many styles and types as there are manufacturers. But one way to truly impress is to buy a matching set for the couple that means everything to each other.

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