the case for rose gold
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the case for rose gold

When shopping for a piece of gold jewelry, whether you're looking for custom jewelry or using a more "off the shelf" approach, you have quite a few options available. One of those, believe it or not, is color. We should all be familiar with the common yellow and white gold, but over the last few years a new contender has been gaining ground. Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper, and the case to be made for it is both stylistic and practical. Here are the top three reasons for rose gold's popularity.


Rose gold naturally cozies up to a large chunk of the color wheel. It's a style chameleon that naturally complements any skin tone and blends in with your wardrobe whether you tend toward bright sunny colors, or the more subdued, earthy spectrum that comes along every fall. If you wear all black all the time, well black goes with everything, so you're good there too.


Being alloyed with copper, rose gold ends up a less expensive product than yellow or white gold. You could save more depending on the mixture of the alloy you choose. If you choose one with more copper, obviously the price will be lower.


If you're dropping the cash for a piece of custom jewelry, or if you're buying an expensive designer piece, you'll want it to be as durable as possible. Copper is more durable than gold, making rose gold a naturally more scratch resistant option for those who work with their hands, or the more clumsy among us.

With all the benefits of rose gold, it's an easy decision to make. Go with the cheaper and more durable and stylish option. You'll be glad you did.

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