How to choose an investment jewelry piece

Not everything you buy will retain its value. In fact, most things will be virtually worthless shortly after you get them out of the store. While jewelry is somewhat immune to this due to the materials involved, it can be said that the markup fades away quickly leaving only th... read more

Boro Bucket Scavenger Hunt Event with Platinum and Gold

If you're in Murfreesboro and happen to be looking for some good old fashioned family fun, then let me tell you about the #BoroBucketList Scavenger Hunt, or more formally, the Small Business Saturday Scavenger Hunt.

On Saturday November 25th, our fair city will b... read more

Jewelry for men can strike a powerful image

Men's jewelry has really been stepping up its game lately. Lately, custom made jewelry has become all the rage, and if you hadn't already, you might consider that your man might like a little shiny metal to wear. Jewelry for men can strike a powerful image, and these four new ... read more

Fashion trend among Millennials

So here are a few things that caught my attention recently. Jewelry trends come and go, and every generation has its fashion quirks. Millennials, for fairly obvious reasons, tend to shy away from the "dripping with diamonds" look, and instead choose simple and understated styl... read more

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